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Commenting on posts

Comments enhance a post, and we welcome yours. Keep in mind that this blog is meant to provide helpful information but is not intended to serve as an academic advisor or answer academic policy questions; such questions should be directed to the appropriate Extension School office (call Information Services at 617-495-4024 or e-mail extension@dcemail.harvard.edu).

The following are some guidelines for commenting.

What to post: We welcome thoughtful comments that tie into the theme of the post clearly and succinctly. For example, if a post recommends taking an online class or provides some tips on overcoming the challenges of coursework, you might share your own experiences, the pros and cons.

Tone and critiques: This blog is intended for a general audience of prospective and current students, alumni, faculty, and friends. Any comments that include offensive or inappropriate language will be removed. If you’re a student or alumna/us, we want you to post honestly about your experiences at the Extension School. Please refrain from personal attacks; we reserve the right to delete such posts.

Privacy: Please avoid posting personal information like e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses.

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