Otto Pizza co-founder and Extension alum shares advice for entrepreneurs

by Liz M.

What does it take to be an entrepreneur? “You have to live it,” says Anthony Allen, co-owner of Otto Pizza and a Harvard Extension School graduate. Allen, ALB ’94, and his co-owner Mike Keon have expanded their pizza business from a single restaurant in Portland, Maine, to a family of 3 restaurants with a fourth on the way targeting a May 1 opening in Brookline, Massachusetts.

I recently spoke with Allen about his career choices and advice for young entrepreneurs, his experiences at Harvard Extension School, and most importantly, pizza. (more…)

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Harvard Extension School plays matchmaker again

Last Valentine’s Day, we shared the story of Emily Gordon and Scott Spencer, two students who met in one of our public speaking classes. Their post is our all-time most read, and for good reason. We’re all looking for a little slice of love and happiness, and we’re happy to report that another couple has found just that, along with a new bundle of joy, at Harvard Extension School.

Here’s the story of Peter Conway and Lucy Mandato, as told by Peter. (more…)

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3 things you didn’t know about community journalism

Guest post by Liz G. Mineo, a freelance journalist, former Nieman Fellow, and instructor for the spring 2012 course Community Journalism

Local news is thriving

Despite talk about the demise of the press, community journalism is thriving. And it will continue to do so because, in the words of veteran journalist Ken Byerly, “a dogfight on Main Street is more important than a revolution in Bulgaria.” People are more interested in what hits home: They want to know about what their children are learning at school, which neighborhoods have more crime than others, and who was promoted, who got married, and who died. (more…)

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Chemicals lurking in your food? Detox your diet!

Guest post by Dr. Gary Adamkiewicz, senior research scientist in environmental health at the Harvard School of Public Heath and co-instructor of From Farm to Fork: Why What You Eat Matters

Whether you’re aware of them or not, every day we are exposed to synthetic chemicals in the water and food we consume. For more than a decade, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have been monitoring chemical exposures within the US population, with more than 200 compounds included in their most recent tests. While we can’t always control these exposures, we can reduce some risks by making informed choices.

To begin, let’s think about dietary chemical exposures in 3 categories:

  • Residues – Chemicals, like pesticides, that are left behind as a result of their deliberate use in food production and processing
  • Contaminants – Chemicals or toxins, like mercury, that inadvertently enter the food supply via the food chain, supply chain, or your own kitchen
  • Ingredients – Chemicals added to food products to impart particular qualities or properties, such as preservatives or dyes in processed foods

What follows are tips to detox your diet and minimize some of these exposures. (more…)

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