3 tips for online students

Post by Kate N.

There’s a certain appeal to taking classes in your pajamas, while petting your dog, and getting to hit pause if somebody knocks on your door.

I took online classes during my time in college and it was great to be able to watch lectures when it fit into my schedule. But there was also a learning curve. It’s still a new learning avenue in the education world.

I spoke with some Extension School students who are taking online classes this spring. They offered some helpful tips on navigating your way through the distance education world, while also pointing out some great perks. (more…)

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School’s (not) out for summer

Post by Liz M.

Although Harvard classes are on spring break this week, it might as well be summer in Cambridge. Harvard Square has been abuzz lately as street performers, musicians, and cafe dwellers take advantage of some unseasonably warm temperatures to resume their outdoor perches.

And with the spring semester at the mid-point, why not look towards your summer course options? I’ve poured over Harvard Summer School’s offerings to share a few highlights among the 300 courses. (more…)

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3 things you didn’t know about community journalism

Guest post by Liz G. Mineo, a freelance journalist, former Nieman Fellow, and instructor for the spring 2012 course Community Journalism

Local news is thriving

Despite talk about the demise of the press, community journalism is thriving. And it will continue to do so because, in the words of veteran journalist Ken Byerly, “a dogfight on Main Street is more important than a revolution in Bulgaria.” People are more interested in what hits home: They want to know about what their children are learning at school, which neighborhoods have more crime than others, and who was promoted, who got married, and who died. (more…)

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“The play’s the thing”: Shakespeare in modern culture

Post by Iain Bernhoft, teaching fellow of Shakespeare and Modern Culture

Shakespeare is everywhere. “To be or not to be” rings in our ears. We watch Band of Brothers and speak of star-crossed lovers. Iago, Romeo, and Hamlet are recognizable character types. Advertisements for stain removers cry, “Out, damned spot!” and self-help books assure us, “To thine own self be true.”

The English class Shakespeare and Modern Culture, offered this spring, demonstrates that we are immersed in Shakespeare’s phrases, expressions, plots, and characters—in advertisements, articles, films and cultural references. And, as the very recent (and rather silly) film Anonymous demonstrates, we never tire of rethinking Shakespeare. (more…)

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