5 career resources you may not know about

Harvard Extension School has great career resources for students, whether you are a degree candidate or simply taking a course for pleasure. Maureen Worth, a special projects associate in Academic and Student Services shares a few of the career services here.

1. Career counseling

Linda Spencer talks with a student at a Career and Academic Resource Center event

Linda Spencer talking with a student

The Extension School offers career counseling for all registered students. Linda Spencer, assistant director of the Office of Career Services (OCS), holds drop-in counseling hours. You can get advice and constructive tips on searching for jobs, cover letters, resumes, or any other career-related inquiry. Appointments are about 15 minutes long and are available Mondays from 1 to 4 pm, September 12 through May 7. For distance students, Linda can have an audio-only meeting with you via Skype. You can call the undergraduate office at (617) 495-9413 or stop by the office (located at 51 Brattle Street, Room 501) to book an appointment. (more…)

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Your virtual tour through Harvard Extension School

by Kate N.

When it comes to choosing a school to attend for a degree or professional training, there’s a lot to consider. With spring registration approaching, I thought it would be helpful to offer a “virtual tour” of Harvard Extension School and answer some popular questions that are asked when visiting colleges.

What makes Harvard Extension School distinctive from other schools? 

The mission of Harvard Extension School is to extend the University’s academic resources to the public. You can find affordable, convenient options to help you change careers, advance in your field, or learn for enrichment. Our evening and online courses are open enrollment, so anyone up to the challenge can take a course. And our part-time degrees allow you to continue in your career while you study. When graduates were surveyed 97% were satisfied with their education and 98% were satisfied with their instructors. (more…)

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9 tips & tools to survive school

1. Checklists—keeping it basic
The Chronicle of Higher Education had an article on their website called “Why Checklists Work.” I can attest that they do indeed help. It may sound rudimentary, but it’s a great way to see everything visually. Plus, after you write down the tasks, you’re more likely to remember your duties.

2. There’s an app for that
There are an amazing amount of applications available for your mobile phone to stay organized throughout the school year. Evernote lets you take notes anywhere and you can sync it with your computer. Other apps like Remember the Milk, MyHomework, and CourseSmart all provide helpful tools for students. These apps provide resources like helpful reminders and lists, tracking your course assignments, or accessing textbooks right on your phone.

3. Plan
Whether you use a digital form, like Google Calendar, or a physical planner, it’s a great way to plan out projects and assignments. Use your planner, apps, and any other tool to work ahead on projects. While it’s important to plan ahead for schoolwork, it’s also good to prepare for just the next day. Getting your backpack, folders, notebooks, and lunch prepped at night will make your morning go smoothly.

4. Pick a parking spot (for your stuff)
Picking a designated spot for your school supplies will make your morning routine a lot less hectic. Choose a spot to keep your bag, notebooks, and other equipment and you’ll avoid losing any of your stuff, and be ready to grab it and go whenever needed.

5. Take a breather
While it’s good to stay on top of your work, it’s also important to take a second for yourself. For me, it’s giving myself plenty of time in the morning to get ready and enjoy my cup of tea and waffle. I feel more prepared and relaxed with a clear head, instead of leaving the house rushed and frantic. Also, find out the best study spots on the Harvard campus, so even though you’re studying it won’t really feel like it.

6. Toss it!
Too often clutter builds up in offices and study spaces. Take the time to clear off your desk, couch, car, wherever, and you’ll feel more prepared to accomplish your work. The other day my desk had become unmanageable with papers and other unneeded stuff. I cleaned it off and was able to see more clearly what my priorities were. I felt much more relaxed and productive.

7. Blue equals history
I loved to color-code folders with notebooks for my courses. When I would be getting my backpack together, the color-coding of folders and notebooks would make sure I wasn’t grabbing the wrong materials.

8. Zzzzzzzz…
If you get a full night of rest you’ll be more alert, productive, and less likely to make mistakes. Getting good sleep is not only helpful for staying organized, but it helps your body in many other areas, such as better psychomotor performance.

9. Enjoy!
It may sound cheesy, but if you have fun and enjoy your experience in the classroom (whether it’s on campus or online) you’ll be more likely to be prepared and ready for your courses. Using all of these tools, along with your enthusiasm, should result in a great semester and a report card that leaves you smiling.

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A snapshot of Commencement 2011

About 1 month ago, Harvard Extension School graduates of the class of 2011 filed into Harvard Yard for Commencement, and later that afternoon walked across the stage to accept their degrees.

Our photographer Jeffry put together this wonderful video as a snapshot of the day. Enjoy.

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