We’re moving!

In the next couple of weeks we’ll be moving our blog, The Spark, off of WordPress and onto the Harvard Extension School website. The move is part of a project we’ve been working on called the Harvard Extension Hub.

The Harvard Extension Hub will be a place where we house our news, events, notices, blogs, spotlights, and any other Extension-related stories for your reading pleasure. You can easily subscribe to the content via RSS feeds, connect with us on Facebook or Twitter, and sign up for e-mail. Just go to extension.harvard.edu/hub in early June to see the new section.

Along with the addition of the Harvard Extension Hub, we’ll be posting the courses for the 2012-13 academic year on the Extension site. You can get an early start deciding which courses you want to take. Fall registration opens for all students on July 30.

We’ll be moving the official Extension student-written blogs over to the Harvard Extension Hub later in the summer, but you can still enjoy the posts here on WordPress until then.

Make sure you don’t miss any of our new content. Update your Extension blog bookmark to our new address: extension.harvard.edu/hub/blog/extension-blog.

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The journey through Extension

Oxford-bound. Pakistani education reformer. Global business manager. Harvard Extension Student Association (HESA) President.

This is just a sampling of terms to describe four of our 652 Harvard Extension School graduates. Christopher Rondinelli, Ayesha Mian, Moha Shah, and Philip Harding shared their stories on what led them to Extension and where they see their lives going now that they have their degrees.

Watch the video to learn the impact Extension has made on the lives of the graduates, and see footage from Harvard’s graduation ceremony, a commencement like no other.

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Math for teaching, math for life

Approaching the 361st Harvard Commencement, we asked several degree candidates to reflect on their Harvard Extension School experiences. Below, Tasneem Mohammed, a 2012 degree candidate in the Mathematics for Teaching Graduate Program, shares some of her favorite memories and how the lessons learned in her Extension School classes have carried over into her own classroom.

I can unequivocally state that my Harvard Extension School experience has been truly one of a kind. As I reflect on the time spent at Harvard, my mind focuses back on the invaluable lessons I have gained in my classes, the distinguished faculty with whom I have created significant and meaningful relationships, and the diverse students with whom I have been fortunate enough to interact. I will look back on this enriching experience with a smile on my face, knowing that Harvard University has left a long-lasting impact on my life and my career. (more…)

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A graduate student builds pollution awareness in Hawaii

In this week’s blog post, student Wayne Sentman gives us a peek into his work leading ecotours on the Hawaiian island of Midway Atoll. Sentman, a field biologist, is working on a sustainability degree at Harvard Extension School.

The plastic is visible through the skeleton.

For a moment I forgot what a sad sight it must be for the tour group I was leading. In front of us lay a dead Laysan albatross chick, one of the unsuccessful young from the previous “hatch” year. In the exposed rib cage, many brightly colored objects were clearly visible.

As an ecotour leader at Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge, I was simply excited to find one of these intact carcasses so that I could use the opportunity to talk about the environmental problem of marine plastic pollution for ocean ecosystems and the wildlife dependant on them.

As the group gathered closer, we began to dissect the carcass. The group’s initial wonder at what all this colorful “stuff” was inside the dead bird turned to outrage and ultimately shame as we all started to recognized plastic objects from our daily lives (some we had even used that morning). In the end we counted three lighters, two magic marker caps, one toothbrush, numerous bottle caps, and many small unidentifiable pieces of plastic. (more…)

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