A strategic approach to managing yourself and others

By Margaret Andrews, director of the Extension School Management Graduate Program and instructor of the August professional development program Managing Yourself and Leading Others.

Albert Einstein, mansionwb on Flickr

Albert Einstein once said, “Politics is more difficult than physics.” The same might be said of the practice of management.

Managing others may not be complex, but it is certainly not easy. What often appear to be simple, straightforward principles can be deceptively difficult to implement.

Managing yourself and others is a dynamic process—one in which the players, and sometimes the rules, are always changing. However, you can approach it strategically. (more…)

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3 more LinkedIn tips for the new year

In late November career advisor Sabrina Woods shared 3 tips for improving your LinkedIn profile, and here she’s back to share 3 more to kick start your new year. Woods is associate director of career services at Northeastern University and an independent career/life coach. She leads several Extension School career workshops. Her website is at www.sabrina-woods.weebly.com.

LinkedIn has been around for quite a while now. Perhaps you’ve even had a profile up for a year or two? Now, the question is whether or not your profile is positioning you in the best possible light. (more…)

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Finding housing for January session courses

Guest post by Lauren B., Assistant Editor, Harvard Division of Continuing Education

January session: intensive 3-week courses

Thinking about coming to Boston for one of our 3-week January courses at Harvard Extension School? We have some tips for finding housing while you take a course in management, biological sciences, economics, or another subject (see the January courses list).

January courses are a great opportunity to gain knowledge intensively. And if you are an Extension School degree candidate, you can complete a significant part or all of your residency requirement in only 3 weeks (depending on your degree program requirements). January courses are worth 2 or 4 credits and meet between 2 and 4 times a week. (more…)

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3 ways to improve your LinkedIn profile

This guest post by Sabrina Woods, an independent career/life coach, features 3 tips for strengthening your Linked In profile. Woods is also the associate director of career services at Northeastern University  and a career workshop leader for Harvard Extension School. www.linkedin.com/in/sabrinawoods. She’ll share several more LinkedIn tips in January. So stay tuned!


You’ve got a profile on LinkedIn and you have started to tap this incredible professional networking tool. Now let’s enhance your profile for a strong online presence, showing off more of what you have to offer to a future employer. (more…)

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